We help you hire
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Average delivery time per new hire : 30 days
Average Cost per Hire : ¥600,000


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Our service

WASABIT solves a critical problem, especially for startups - hiring great people.

We have proven to be result driven and are able to quickly build a pipeline through our expert team of recruiters.

WASABIT provides an internal recruitment service - setting up internal processes, tools and managing the end to end process from prospecting new candidates to closing. This saves startups critical time that can be invested into their core business growth and let the experts focus on recruiting.


What Our Clients Say

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“WASABIT worked with me as a partner in designing and implementing a smooth and efficient hiring process covering both our Tokyo and Manila offices. More importantly, WASABIT is always working with us to "Kaizen" the recruiting process for optimal efficiency. I can't imagine going back to using contingency recruiters for my regular hiring needs. Our partnership together has resulted in 37+ staff hired over a 16 month period. WASABIT integrated nicely into our workflow including being available in Slack, updating weekly recruiting status reports, and running our weekly recruiting meeting.”

- Matthew Skyrm , COO of Gengo, a lionbridge company

Successfully recruited over 37 staff in 16 months
Customer since: May 2018  

Positions: Software Engineer, Web Designer, Sales, Data Analyst, Product Manager



“WASABIT has screened over 1100+ candidates in order for us to find the best talent in the market. As a newly established company, they have taken care of not just the recruitment operations, and administration work such as creating offer letters, closing but they have represented our brand in a market tough for startups in general.”

- Joshua Barry, CBDO/Founder of Zaiko

Successfully recruited 7 staff in 5 months
Customer since: January 2019

Hired Positions: Fullstack Engineer, HR/Office Manager, Sales, Customer Support


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“I found myself spending 50% of my time doing administrative tasks related to the recruitment process. Lead generation, replying to leads and scheduling for example were the biggest time killers. Having WASABIT onsite to take care of these duties gave me back my time. That’s invaluable.”

- Alex Pennington, Director of Engineering, Original Stitch

Successfully recruited 1 staff in a month
Customer since: January 2019 

Positions: Engineer